Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Our Moorland Wilderness

Wed.10th Feb.2010.
                           Today we've been on a local walk into the last bit of wilderness in our area of the Southern Pennines. The area is the big expanse of Boulsworth hill the highest point being Lad Law at 1700 ft. it's the second highest hill in our area. On these moors there is a feeling of wildness and wide open spaces, there is no sound except the roar of the wind and the distant call of the Red Grouse. In summer there's still the solitude but this is broken by the sound of the Curlew, Golden Plover, Dunlin and Twite (the moorland Linnet).
Frequent snow showers on the accent
The view from the summit looking across Pendleside to Pendle hill 

The view S.E. to the Dove Stones is much wilder 
These are the moors of the Bronte sisters

View from the 2nd. summit

Looking  north into the Yorkshire Dale as another snow shower approaches


  1. looks very cold up on bouldsworth, mum looks frozen see you saturday Julie x

  2. It looks a very impressive if slightly bleak place, I expect it takes on a different look again in the Summer.

    I was extremely impressed by your garden visitor on the previous post, I have never seen one anywhere, let alone in the garden!

  3. So bleak. I love wild remote areas, they take my breath away.

    Tku for sharing, I have never visited these parts....our small country is full of so many beautiful places.

  4. To tell you frankly, i have touched actual snow only in Turkey because my few visits to temperate countries always coincide with spring. So we go to snow parks to play with snow. Isn't that amazing, people create snow when they dont have them, and those who have them long for the sun. But i am not longing for snow, maybe i already experienced lots of them in my previous lifetimes. Thanks.