Saturday, 27 February 2010

Bob on time

Sat .Feb. 26th 2010. Yesterday was dire with morning rain turning to an afternoon of heavy wet snow. Looking through the window at the state of the garden my spirit was raised by the clumbsy landing of two Mallards on the pond and a shout from my wife "the ducks are back".There's nothing remarkable about two Mallards on a pond but looking back in my diary over the past few years their timing is uncannily accurate. This year they've come back on exactly the same date as last year and going further back in my diaries they're never been more than 4 days either side of this date .Whats the attraction? well it always coincides with the start of the frogs spawning in my pond so that's the next event to take place in our garden.

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  1. hahaha, it's unbelievable how people really outsmart the conditions they have been in! You people are very fortunate to have the amenities vital to make these harsh conditions more bearable. Those animals are certainly better equipped! Can you imagine those of us in vey hot and humid conditions where even just at 7am, the sun is already so harsh that gardening is already a very unbearable chore! Thanks to teh e-community we are kept abreast of the pros and cons of every place on earth. thanks.