Tuesday, 23 February 2010

My Cine Camera was a Time Machine

Tuesday 23rd Feb. 2010.
Looking at some of the Blogs posted in the last few days there is the anticipation and excitement that Spring can't be too far away, so nest boxes are being put up in many gardens, some of them are quite sophisticated with built in video cameras.Way back in 1974 I built a special nest box and stuck it on the children's back bedroom window the glass acted as the back of the box, a sheet of rubber had to be stuck on the inside of the window to keep the box dark inside.To my surprise the Blue Tits nested in the box and raised 8 young. In those days there were no video cameras but I had a cine camera (Canon 814 super 8) and filmed the whole story involving the children, I called the film Guest House . The quality of the film is poor because it was copied from Cine onto VHS tape and then transferred again onto DV tape and lastly onto a DVD disc, but at least I have a record from 36 years back.
I've uploaded some very short clips from the original 14 minute film.


  1. That was great fun to watch! I imagine that it brings back wonderful memories for you.

  2. Marvelous footage. I love the look on your youngsters faces.

  3. Ahh that was lovely,brings back lovely memories. your'e getting good at adding the video, was good adding all those clips. Julie x

  4. David, brilliant as usual!