Sunday, 27 April 2014

Our Lancashire Bluebell Woods

Sunday 27th April 2014
                       We couldn't resist a short Sunday walk down into the Ribble Valley around Hurst Green with our friends to see the beauty of the English Bluebell Wood. I think we found the timing about perfect the flowers were around their best and probable in a few days time they will begin to fade and the best of the show will be over for another year. What the photos can't convey is the delicate fragrance they produce as the breeze gentle blows through the woods.

             I feel a very short  film will be made before the flowers fade



  1. Incredible masses of bluebells! It must be quite the experience to walk through them.

  2. David, you know I love bluebells and hope to someday see ancient woodlands in person. My husband is a teacher, so our spring vacations are dictated by the school schedule. How do you think the timing of the blooms are this year? Late? Or right on time?

  3. Hello Katie
    This year because of our very mild winter ( only one night of light snow) the Bluebells are as early as I can remember, but depending on altitude and aspect, the season can be around 4-5 weeks. Down in the local valleys near to where I live they're at their best, but only 20 miles further north, on a north facing slope they're just starting to open. Move north into Scotland and the Bluebells won't be fully out until the end of May. If the weather remains cool this will also extend the season, there are so many variants.