Friday, 25 April 2014

Easter up in Wensleydale

Friday 25th April 2014
                      We've  been walking again in Wensleydale during Easter and we stayed at the Caravan Club site at Hawes in our motor home. This dale is less than 50 miles north from where we live but it's noticeable that spring is around 2 weeks behind our area because we live in a more favourable area on the western side of the Pennines. The area is good for walking and is served by a bus service that runs down the dale several times a day, so with a bit of planning longer non-circular walks can be undertaken always knowing that bus service which is very reliable will bring you back to base at the end of a longish day.
                      Here are just a view photos from our walks in this lovely working dale, with a bit of information given where needed.

    Hawes on market day this is where we catch the bus most mornings

Some of the flagged paths and narrow stiles which are a feature in many parts of the Yorkshire Dales

Across the dale the Roman Road called Cam High Road descends down to Bainbridge

                            Down the Roman Road to Bainbridge

                                    Bainbridge village green

           The River Bain ( the shortest river in England......supposedly)

                               The footprint of the Roman Fort

                                       Lambing Time

           The paths follows the wooded escarpments ( known as Scars)

                          The walk finishes in the village of Askrigg

                                          The main street

For those who are old enough to remember, this building is very famous and is known over many parts of the world as the frontage used for the vets practise in the filming of  "All Creature Great and Small". JamesHerriot, Seigfried Farnon and Triston all graced the front steps and led us to beleieve they actually lived here.

    Another Walk from Askrigg down the side of the dale to Bolton Castle

                              Through the Old Lead Mines

                                         Lower Wensleydale

                                   Nearing Bolton Castle

Bolton Castle built in the !4th century.  Mary,Queen of Scots stayed
here for 6 months (imprisonment really)

                        Our first orchids of the year near Leyburn

Today we follow the River Ure up Wensleydale to Aysgarth passing Bolton Hall

                                          Young Goslings

                                Glacial moraine landscape

                                        Violets in the woods

                                           Redmire Force

                       The ascent of Penhill from West Witton

                             West Witton below in the valley

                               Looking east to the Vale of York

                         Along Penhill's Ridge...... a lovely walk

                         Descending down towards Bolton Castle

Two old stone coffins in the remains of an old graveyard in an ancient protected monument site

                        The end of the walk at Aysgarth Falls

                                      Aysgarth Church

           On the Grouse Moors between Wensleydale and Swaledale

                                     The rare Golden Plover

                                            Grouse Butts

                           Spent cartridges from last years shoot

                                   Back down into Wensleydale

           Easter Sunday Lunch at the George in Thoralby, Bishopdale

                                           Sunday roast

           followed by Hot Lemon Sponge, Lemon Sauce and Ice cream

                 A busy Easter Sunday in West Burton, Bishopdale

                      Some of the Spring Flowers on the walk


                                        The first Bluebells

                                         Wood Anemone


And finally two Hybrids..... a cross between the Primrose and Cowslip ...The false Oxslip



  1. spectacular scenery, including the food! I can only imagine the appetite all that walking generates ...

  2. Looks like you got some good walks in...and good weather too...