Sunday, 4 May 2014

Limestone Woodland

Sunday 4th May 2014
                    Yesterday was another lovely spring day perfect for a visit to the limestone woodlands around Feizer in Yorkshire  I didn't take many pictures because I was concentrating on film shots for my Bluebell film. The woodland floor was covered with a mixture of Bluebells,Primroses,Cowslips,Wood Anemone and Early Purple Orchids.  Over the years we've looked for a flower that up to now has always eluded us, the unusual flower......HERB PARIS, it's not a particular rare flower but it's taken us over 20 years to find it, but yesterday we found it growing along a lane towards the end of our walk.

                                      Early Purple Orchids

                                         Wood Anemone

                        Walkers couldn't resist taking a picture

                                    The elusive Herb Paris

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  1. The Orchids are looking lovely in your photos, have not seen Herb paris before, up again in that area next week, weather permitting. Will have a look.
    Amanda x