Wednesday, 30 October 2013

It's almost spawning time again

Wed. 30th October 2013
     October is drawing to a close and it's at this time of year here up in Lancashire when the Salmon and Sea Trout migrate up the rivers to prepare to spawn in the headwaters and side streams of the River Ribble and it's tributaries. I've been out and about in various locations to get a glimpse of these fish nearly at the end of their journey. Some will survive if the conditions are favourable but many will die after spawning, but the life cycle will have been completed.
          The River Ribble Trust has almost completed the river improvements to our local rivers which will enable the fish in the river systems to move up and down the rivers without the impedance of all the impassable obstacles that once stood in their way.

Widening the river channel in Burnley town centre to create resting pools for fish, this section will look similar to the sections already completed lower down the river.

    Improvements to Colne water and the construction of a new fish pass

           New fish pass and fish counter on the weir on Swanside Beck

The new information board at Barrowford Weir and Fish Pass

                              Trout leaping up the weir

 The largest fish that I saw jumping (not this one) was around 18 inch long , dare I suggest it could be a Sea Trout that as finally returned to Pendle Water. I haven't seen any large fish as yet in the rivers above the weir, are they ascending the fish pass?,  I'll check if there's any evidence of spawning in the gravel in the higher reaches of the rivers in a couple of weeks.

Stainforth Force on the River Ribble, a good viewing point to watch the Salmon leap up the falls

Finally a short video that gives the feel and atmosphere of the falls .I know it isn't Canada or Alaska but it's the nearest location we have to view these magnificent fish.

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  1. We have seen a few jumping on the Yarrow fish ladders.