Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

Wed. 1st Jan.2014
          I haven't posted for at least 2 months because my years activities just seem to be a repeat theme of the previous years, but we're still out there in the great outdoors recording the changing seasons and natural events.
           I would like to share a picture that our granddaughter Victoria created of her younger cousins for her uncle (our son) for Christmas, its difficult to sing the praises of our grandchildren but we really feel that she has a talent for art.
                The photo isn't evenly lit because I couldn't position it correctly because of the reflection from the glass.

Lasts nights group photo of our friends at the New Years Eve party hosted by Pat & Joe, we all enjoyed the celebrations and from all of us here in Lancashire, England we wish you a Very Happy New Year.  


  1. Happy New Year, David. Your granddaughter is quite talented - it is apparent even to a non-relative! What a thoughtful gift that will surely be treasured. Have missed reading of your walks and seeing the lovely scenery. Cheers, Wilma

  2. I to look forward to your posts, like to see where you have been, as I am from Yorkshire. I am hoping to see more Ochids this year, and have been using your blog as a reference...

  3. What a wonderful talent your granddaughter has, I empathize with your difficulty with the risk of posts becoming repetitive (although I haven't noticed it on your blog) for a similar reason I am also giving my blog a rest for a while. Good to hear from you again though and Happy New Year:)