Tuesday, 8 October 2013

River Improvements Going Ahead

Tuesday 8th Oct. 2013
                       I'm still involved with The River Ribble Trust in recording the river improvements through Burnley town centre.  During the end of the 19th century the rivers were channelised through the town centre to enable the river to wash away all the rubbish etc. that was continually dumped in the rivers
      Now a more enlightened approach to our towns rivers is being applied (in most cases) and the hope is that in near future Salmon and Sea Trout will again swim through the centre of our town. To make life easier for the fish the long channelised sections of the river are being constructed to create resting pools for the fish to enable them to swim up through the river without exhausting themselves.

The river channel before the improvements (a video frame grab)

                  The new resting pools in the same stretch of the river

    Besides helping the fish, the new look is a lot more pleasing to the eye

More improvements further up the river in what was another fast flowing channelised section

Still the dumping goes on , I suspect that this SOFA has been dumped from one of the many small businesses in the immediate area 


  1. It seems it is getting more and more difficult for wild life so these sorts of projects are very nice to see:)

  2. I can't understand some people in these days of enlightenment... I often find trash thrown from passing cars in to our gardens... most unfortunate... wonderful to see the improvements however, and how neat in the future to anticipate a fish population making use of your communities efforts! Larry

  3. Great to see this river renovation, Dave. Fingers crossed, in time, it is a complete success for both wildlife and people of the town :-)