Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Toad Spawn in the river

Tuesday !9th April 2011
                                    About 25 years I observed Toads spawning in the River Wharfe near Grassington in Wharfedale. I mentioned this to a Dr Steve Ormerod who is now a Professor at (Cardiff university) he was the son of a friend of mine. He published a paper on toad spawning in rivers because I don't think it had been observed at that time.
      Today on a picnic with two of my grandchildren we found loads of toad spawn in the same stretch of the river. Thinking about it, the toads have very little choice as to where they can spawn because there are no ponds in this well drained limestone country so I suppose if the rivers don't flood and wash the spawn away the toads must have been successful over the years and kept the local population going.
    I've also noticed over the years that our native Crayfish has disappeared and has been replaced with the American Signal Crayfish the river is teeming with them.

Many strings of toad spawn in the quieter stretches of the river

The American Signal Crayfish

 And finally my sons dog..... George with his trophies....all the stones he's brought out from the bed of the river


  1. That's interesting David - I've noticed that toads occasionally spawn in the pools left behind by the falling water level in the River Wear in its middle reaches, here in Weardale in Durham - although minnows also get stranded in the same pools, which I suspect may eat the emerging tadpoles

  2. Lovely photos Dad, silly george!! Looks like everbody had a good time

    See you later
    Julie x

  3. Vlad from Saltaire1 April 2012 at 17:25

    We just came back from the Lower Grass Wood near Grassington. River Warf is very low and we also have seen several strings of toad spawn. Hope they will not all dry out.