Saturday, 23 April 2011

Red and White .....St George's Day... and for me .... Blue

Saturday 23rd April 2011

After another walk over Pen-y-Ghent yesterday with my daughter and family who are staying with us over Easter. Today I thought of a theme for St. Georges Day the colours of Red White and Blue. The main reason  for adding the colour Blue was to capture the beauty of an English Bluebell Wood in all it's glory and today I timed it perfectly they were at their best down in the Ribble Valley, downwind the Hyacinth perfume drifting on the light breeze was unmistakable. I found the other two colours Red and White from the Red Campion and Stitchwort.



  1. Mmmmm...I can just imagine the scent from those Bluebells. What a lovely time of year especially this year with these sunny warm days:)

  2. I missed a number of your posts and now think I have caught up...spring days are busy; I haven't made time to "visit". My apologies. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog today.

    As for your photos and your beautiful and how great that you take us along with you. Exciting finds, especially birds and butterflies, flowers unfamiliar to me.....and yes, ahem...YES you are way ahead of our spring days, climate wise (big grin). We do catch up though))).