Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Early April in N.W.England.

Wed 13th April 2011
                How quick spring has moved on in the last two weeks, we've been out and doing so many things that I've never had any time to go on the computer and catch up with everybody on their blogs.
    I've uploaded a few of the pictures that I've taken over the last two weeks of spring slowly developing in and around our area which for me is my favourite season of the year.

First a few photos of the new fish pass in the local pennine valley where I spent most of my childhood playing along the riverside.

       For the first time in 200 years the rivers that flow through N.E. Lancashire are clean enough for the passage of Sea Trout And Salmon. This small moorland stream has always held wild trout but to have salmon returning to these headwaters seems quite unreal.

Another Walk up our beautiful Pendle Hill, this time taking another of our grandchildren up to the summit for his first climb.

                    on the  summit..... Daniel three last month

We never tire of the beautiful area around Arnside and Silverdale on the  northeastern shoreline of Morecambe Bay

                                  Arnside Knott with our friends

                                   My dream cottage

                 The first of the many wild orchids pushing through

                         The wild daffs have already gone over

               Some of the early spring flowers growing along the coast

                            Sunset over the estuary at Arnside

Springtime in the Ribble Valley down Swanside Beck

                                Germander Speedwell

                         one of my favorites ... Wood Anemones

                 The old packhorse bridge over Swanside Beck

  A Virgin Express on a diversion  through Swanside onto the Settle Carlisle Line and then onto Scotland

Around Tosside

                                             Lunch Stop

                                           More spring flowers

         Always dominating the scene our local landmark ... Pendle Hill



  1. I have also noticed the first leaves of the Orchids coming up and agree Spring is the best time of the year. Lovely photos.

  2. That looks a great walk Dave, and great news about the Salmon returning to the river.
    Cheers Colin.

  3. Beautiful countryside, to be sure! :)