Monday, 28 February 2011

Littondale again

Sunday 27th Feb 2011
            I couldn't pass this way again without taking just a few more photographs of the snowdrops which grow in this delightful dale. Today we're out with our friends on our usual Sunday hike, this must be the umpteenth visit to this lovely dale through the years to see these delightful drifts of snowdrops which today are at their best especially with some glimpses of the sun adding contrast to the display, another week and they'll be going over.

        The Snowdrops naturalised along the banks of the River Skirfare

                                       Arncliffe Churchyard

The second half of the walk climbs fairly steeply out of the dale and then along the flanks of the dale back to Hawkswick the starting point of the walk, this is a short walk of no more than 6 miles.


  1. wow..those snowdrops are amazing:)

  2. Beautiful display of snowdrops David, sorry but I wont be disappointed to see them go over I need some spring like YELLOW warmth in my life now ;)

  3. I've never seen snowdrops in person. I like the backdrop of stone walls and church yards.