Monday, 7 March 2011

Temperatures....two contrasting days

Monday 7th March 2011
                            Yesterday was a glorious early spring day for our Sunday walk this from the village of Gargrave through the drumlins in Craven countryside around the deserted paths and lanes around Ingthorpe Grange, nothing over exciting  just good to be out with some sun on our backs, the walk was a good 7 miles.

                    Food supplements before the sheep start lambing

                         The first Lesser Celandine of the year

                            Still some good stands of Snowdrops

                             Back to Gargrave on the Pennine Way

On Saturday (March 5th) the frog spawning reached its peak with well over 100 frogs visiting my garden pond. This morning is a complete contrast, the pond has frozen over and several clumps of frogspawn are covered in ice. Some of the late stragglers have arrived this morning only to find they couldn't enter the water until the ice melted in the mid-morning sun.

                              Very slow progress across the ice

                   My pair of Mallards have settled in for the season

             And finally the first real colour of the season on the rockery


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