Wednesday, 23 February 2011

It's a record

Wed. 23rd February 2011
             It's 26 years this month since I dug out my garden pond, since then I've enlarged it lengthwise but basically the lie of the pond is the same, Ive posted some old faded photos of that event. It shows a younger me and my two children busy helping with the pond before the frogs come out of hibernation and hopefully spawn in the pond.
  Let's move forward 26 year to this morning  when two of my grandsons  found the first frogspawn of the season in our pond which just happens to be the earliest spawning since I start to record it 26 years ago and the first time ever in February. Tonight there are about 50 frogs in full chorus with the onset of the much milder weather.
  The ducks arrived early this year (they always time their arrival to the start of the frogs spawning) so perhaps they know something that I don't know.


               Back 26 years to the digging and filling of our first pond



  1. I love looking at old photos - it was a project that I am sure still brings lots of happy days for you all. (including the wildlife)
    Not seen any frogs as yet only spawn and the heron on the channel looking like he was having easy pickings.

  2. I always thought the north was behind the south in nature but your snowdrops appeared earlier than ours (we now have some at last)and we haven't so much as a croaking frog let alone any spawn. I just wish Spring would hurry up. I liked the pictures of the pond is a lovely feeling when the water goes in to a new pond especially with children watching as they get sooo excited.

  3. OMG Doesnt seem like 26 years since. Can remember helping. Look at my curly hair!!!!! Yikes !!!

    See you this weekend

    Julie x