Wednesday, 5 July 2017

TO MOW OR NOT TO MOW... that is the question

 Wed.5th July 2017
            I've just had a look round our local industrial estate this afternoon and there are extreme contrasts in the appearance of some of the local industrial units witch are surrounded by grassy areas. The grass that has been mowed looks tidy, neat almost a sterile desert but it does give a good impression  about the tidiness of the company to which it belongs.
whilst other companies the grassy ares have been left to grow and are full of Wild Flowers at least four species of Orchids, many Bees, Insects and quite a few Butterflies.
       I know that appearances and first impressions count but are the companies doing enough to support and preserve our flora  and wildlife on all the industrial estates the seem to be springing up all over our countryside?

                                     Mown within an inch of its life

 Left uncut, masses of Common Spotted Orchids amongst other wild flowers

               The first time in our area that I've seen Pyramidal Orchids

                                    A Bee Orchid well past its best

                         Common Spotted Orchid ( white form)

                               My preference...grass left uncut


  1. Is this first season for the uncut grass? Amazing to see all the orchids present.

    1. Hello Wilma
      It was the second season that they haven't mowed but they do a tidying up job in October.