Saturday, 8 July 2017

For How Long ?

Sat. 8th July 2017
                         The precious stretch of old pasture in the fields adjacent to our house is earmarked for building in the next few years so it looks as though the tapestry of orchids and wild flowers that the locals have loved so much will be gone for ever.
                    When the time arrives there will be a public consultation as to what can be done to protect these beautiful orchids which are multiplying each year. The demand for new houses puts this land under a lot of pressure even though it's Green Belt.
              A mixture of Common Spotted And Southern Marsh orchids

                            A variant of the Common Spotted Orchid

                                           Southern Marsh Orchid

                          Soon this lovely area may be lost for ever


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  1. Too many people in the world. Glad you have been able to enjoy the fields and document the flora for us.