Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Bee Orchids cling on

Saturday 27th June 2015
     A quick look around the grass verges on the local industrial estate in Burnley gave me some encouragement that as long as they don't mow the grass within an inch of it's life the wild orchids can cling on. I wonder how many of the hundreds of workers that pass this way every week notice these little gems down at ground level or are they too busy texting on their mobile phones welded to their hands.

The grass bankings on the approach to this well know aerospace factory where more than three species of orchid survive.

              Another site outside the council vehicle repair workshop

Amongst the hustle & bustle of  of the industrial estate these little beauties survive


  1. They really are little beauties, David. Glad you can share them with your readers.

  2. David, Yes, we can miss so much under our noses. But when we begin to look more closely :-)

    Always love your orchid posts but this one is especially nice. Also, wanted to pop by and wish you both a Happy and Healthy 2016 :-)