Monday, 15 June 2015

Bluebells still in flower

Sunday 14th June 2015
              After a month away in our motor home, today on a short walk in our local area with two of our friends, I was a bit surprised to find the Bluebells still in full flower growing amongst the Red Campion on the north facing slopes of  Sadler Hill above Slaidburn. It's been a colder spring than average so the cool temperatures have prolonged the season . Today's temperature was only 11c and we're only a week from the longest day.

                                                 Sadler Hill

 We also noticed that the Water Aven and yellow Wood Aven ( herb bennet) growing together in woods in this picture, they had cross pollinated to produce a yellow Water Aven.

They've cross pollinated in my own garden so I don't think it's very uncommon.


  1. Nice photos David, Sadler Hill looks a nice place for walking. I hope you enjoyed your time away in the motor home.

  2. It still looks pretty chilly up there, David! Lovely flowers.