Monday, 2 January 2012

Earliest opportunity

January 2nd 2012
              After two days of wet unsettled weather this morning showed a bit more promise with fleeting patches of sunlight moving across our garden, my wildlife pond was clear but overflowing but the sun came out long enough for me to capture a clump of snowdrops which were almost open compared with the photo a few days ago.
        I've always tried to climb up Pendle Hill early in the New Year and today was our first opportunity. It was soon apparent that as we climbed Pendle  several other people had the same idea. Its becoming a local tradition to climb this hill the highest  locally (1,831ft) to walk off all the over indulgences of the festive season.

                   My wild life pond overflowing across the pebbles

      A patch of sunlight on the snowdrops (an optimistic sign of spring)

           A steady stream of walkers making their way to the summit

Another photo at the triangulation point, to add to the many others pictured at the same point

                          Red adds a bit of depth to the picture

                     Looking north to the hills of the Yorkshire Dales

                               Heading down off the ridge


  1. Your Snowdrops are amazing for this time of year. Here the Daffodil leaves are just about showing and the birds are singing Spring like songs but there's not even a bud on our Snowdrops..must say they do look a little nibbled though so maybe the pheasants have been having a peck:)))))

  2. Your snowdrop clump looks so lovely. What a great way to start the new year, with a great climb. Happy New Year!