Thursday, 5 May 2011

Too drier Spring

Thursday May 2011
              The last few weeks have been unseasonable dry, sunny and often very windy. Last Sunday we had a walk over the moors into Yorkshire to visit John Williams's Garden on the Moor.This is the garden that I filmed last year. It was successful in winning the documentary class and was voted the best film at the public show, but it wasn't the winning film chosen by the judges.  Just a few pictures to show that Johns Garden is up to scratch and is as beautiful as ever and ready for another season.

                             Across the windy tinder dry moors

       Last years bleached dead grass looks like an American prairie scene

                          The approach from the edge of the moor

                         Down the lane and into the garden

                                  New this year the riverside walk

                       The muti-headed daffs.on the riverside walk

 This garden is an absolute triumph


  1. Beautiful garden...well done with your film:)

  2. They are off to a good start, aren't they? And congrats on your film! As they say(they being the musician Meatloaf), "two out of three ain't bad."

  3. The second photo almost looks like a scene in the U.S. state of Montana!