Saturday, 7 May 2011

From Blue to White

Sat 7th May 2011
         During the last few days the local woodlands have transformed from a blue haze to a white carpet. The Bluebells are passed their best and now it's the turn of the Ramsons (wild garlic) to carpet the floor of our woodlands for the next couple of weeks. I'm not so sure of the fairly pungent garlic smell I much prefer the perfume of the Bluebell wood, but a few of the Ramson leaves in a salad gives a mild garlic flavour which I enjoy.

                           The Bluebells giving way to Ramsons



  1. I have to admit to liking the garlic smell, not many people enjoy the ramson leaves these days but they are good fresh picked for salads or sandwiches.

  2. Lovely photos David! I like Ramsons too, to look at that is, I have never eaten it although I knew you could. It does look beautiful mixed with Bluebells.

  3. That is an incredibly large stand of ramsons. Our version in the US is ramps. We have a small stand of them in our woods. Interestingly, the leaves are out now, but the flowers won't show up until the leaes are gone. I have cooked with them a time or two and enjoy the "wild" taste.