Sunday, 10 October 2010

Waterfall system is finished

Sunday 10th Oct 2010
I haven't been walking today because tonight we're having a bit of a party at our house so I'd just time to nip over to photograph the water feature my son has nearly finish for a customer. I think it certainly looks well with the water running down the steam and it gave me another opportunity to try out my new camera again.When the garden is planted up and the plants establish themselves this is going to be another oasis for wildlife.


  1. Amazing job it looks so natural,the wildlife will love it.

  2. That looks lovely..I can just imagine how it will look in a year or two. Your son has a talent as it is not easy to make things look so natural.

  3. David, that is fantastic! I totally agree with what Geordie Magpie and Helen have said.... your son is so talented and it will be a paradise for wildlife!

  4. Looking really good Dave. and bye the way it was good to meet you at the weekend, you have inspired me to get posting on my blog again.
    Cheers Colin.