Friday, 8 October 2010

16:9 Formatt

8th Oct 2010
                    I've be given a new camera for my 70th birthday from my family it's a Panasonic Lumix TZ8 with the Leica 12x optical zoom lens and what a little beauty it is.I've been taking pictures in the 16:9 format and I don't think the ratio looks correct for the blog .I video in 16:9 because it matches the proportions of the TV screen but for blogging I'm going to stay with the normal ratio.
  The following 3 picture were taken at Stainforth Foss on the River Ribble.

Back to the original format 

 A new water fall system my son is building ( he's a landscape gardener)

These are the only pictures that I've taken so far with the new camera.



  1. Hi again, David. first off... a very Happy 70th Birthday :-D

    Next, enjoy your new camera! I've heard others talk about the lumix and the results look good.

    Finally, please tell your son I love the choice and arrangement of stone he has used in your pond. I've been planning to complete one for over a year now. I need to get back out to it but with teenage daughters weekends just dissappear. I love working with stone.

    Enjoy your pond :-D

  2. Hi Shirl
    I wish the new waterfall system was for my garden, it's for a client who is having a major garden makeover.

  3. Pictures look great dad, glad your pleased with it. Good that you have got to post on your blog again. Ian's waterfall looks brilliant. Julie x

  4. Happy 70th David! You are putting your camera to good use. I like the 16:9 format because it matches my laptop pretty well when I click on the photos, but i see what you mean about how they look embedded in the blog. I am looking forward to more!

  5. Noticed you love orchids - would love to see your beautiful camera work applied to your marsh orchids, or is there a post with orchid pix that I missed? - I rarely see these types. Happy to have found a fellow orchid lover. Visit me anytime at