Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Our annual treat

Tues. 14th Sept 2010
                                The following 3 images are from an old video I took in January 1998 ,the images are very poor because they're still frames captured on an old cathode ray monitor, but here lies a little story about the old moorland barn shown in these crude images.It was bought and transformed into a lovely cosy home by Frank and Janice two of our friends and it's become the destination for a great day out every year since the spring of 2000. The barn is located on the edge of the moors above Swale Dale in the Yorkshire Dales.

Lets now move forward in time 12 years to last Saturday 11th Sept 2010 for another weekend up at Frank & Janice's lovely barn.We( that's Audrey and myself) arrived Friday evening with Pat and Joe (Janice's cousin) for 2 days, the rest of our friends arrive early Sunday morning.
         In previous years our visits have always been in May or June when the countryside is at its best but this year because of various commitments early Sept was the first date date when most of our friends could get together
      Janice and Frank love the great outdoors and Janice is passionate about wild flowers and through the years they have made their garden into a wildlife haven.

                                         Cornfield wild flowers 


 The wild orchids have set seed again and should soon be colonizing other parts of their maturing garden

Below the meadow the shelter of the maturing woodland is home for several nesting birds throughout the season and a Wood Pigeon is still sitting on eggs

                        A short walk down through the Lead Mines

Mountain Pansy one of the few wild flowers that will grow in the spoil from the lead mines

                  A Painted Lady 2nd or 3rd generation this year

                  Butterfly Bush attracting several Red Admirals

                   A delicious meal and fine wines ends our first day

                      Sunday morning and our friends arrive

                       Admiring Janice's wild flower meadow

                 The start of Janice and Franks organized walk

         Sheep's Bit Scabious one of the late flowering summer flowers

                           The delicate Mountain Pansy

                                             Lunch Break

                       Spirit's head is always down a rabbit hole

                  A cottage in the village of Marske the end of the walk

                      Tea and sticky bun at the tea room in Marske

                       Back to Janice and Franks for a lovely meal

                   And finally wishing David a happy 67th birthday


  1. Hi again David, sounds like a Grand Day out indeed! I thoroughly enjoyed reading/seeing it :-D

    What a happy group you all look there. What a wonderful garden your friends have too. Just love that wild flower meadow and the idea of orchids self seeding sounds wonderful :-D

    One question… how do you manage to keep up with everyone when you are taking photos as you go ;-)

  2. Hi mr divad i liked ur blog and that's flowers so much :)