Thursday, 9 September 2010

A good year for our wild orchids

Wed. 8th Sept. 2010.
            It's been a very good year for the wild orchids in our area and looking at the orchids around my pond and the orchids in the back field the seed capsules have ripened and some have already shed their tiny seeds into the wind.The length of one of the Southern Marsh Orchid flower spikes measured 7 inches.

                  The back field with Pendle Hill in the background

The 7inch Southern Marsh Orchid flower spike ready to shed its seed

 Looking down into the Calder Valley with our estate in the mid. distance

              Back home... some of the orchid spikes around my pond


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  1. I love your garden David. It looks very natural, yet well-managed.

    It's good that the wild orchids are doing so well.