Monday, 20 June 2016

A haven for the insects

20th June 2016

I haven't posted much lately but at this time of year my modest back garden reaches its peak. The profusion of wild and garden flowers paints a random tapestry that is not easy to create and look natural.
       Every year about 100 wild orchids which have naturalised in the garden start to flower at this time of the year and I've noticed that there are more Marsh Orchids or Hybrids. I think they are the result of cross pollinating with the more Common Spotted Orchids I can tell them apart because of their more vigorous growth and size.

        A tapestry of wild and garden flowers which attracted the bees

 A more vigorous orchid with the same colouring as the Common Spotted Orchid but the flower lips resemble a Marsh Orchid
    What's unusual about this orchid, its tuber is constantly under the surface of the pond.

               Four more Marsh Orchids that have appeared this year.

                                      A large vigorous Hybrid

              This Hybrid is growing happily in the stone alpine trough

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