Sunday, 12 April 2015

42 years on (The Dove Stones Ridge)

Saturday 11th April 2015
                 Over the years I've walked the wild areas along Jackson's Ridge at the back of Boulsworth in the South Pennines to the Dove Stones many times, it's an area that is wild and feels remote even though it's only 11/2 miles across the moor from the nearest road. Today about 42 years on we're revisited this area again this time with Julie our daughter  ( the family are visiting us this weekend.)
               I first took her to this wild area when she was only 4 years old and I've managed to grab a few very poor quality but irreplaceable frames from a film I shot 42 years ago.

                          The Doves Stones from Hey Slack

The only thing appearing to be growing in this harsh environment is this Sedge Grass

                              Pendle Hill from the Dove Stones

             Looking towards "Wuthering Heights" ( Emily Bronte fame)

                         A few of the frame grabs 42 years ago

    A "Selfie" a shot that definitely won't be repeated in another 42 years


  1. How lovely to have your daughter walking with you, mine are at the stage were they would rather be doing some thing else.
    I went up to Feizor yesterday, Oxenber Woods, Primroses and Wood Anemone are out but nothing much else. Still had a lovely time.
    Amanda xx

  2. That is a wild and remote place, David!. It looks wonderful, in spite of you all being bundled up in coats, even 42 years ago!