Saturday, 1 March 2014

Pendle Hill along the Periphery

Friday 28th Feb 2014
                     Another walk over our local Pendle Hill on a lovely springlike day once the clouds started to disperse. This time we approached the top from what I call the back of Pendle ..... the Nick of Pendle. Starting from the Nick you have a height advantage but the distance from the summit is further. We've walked Pendle Hill more times than I care to remember but the periphery walk opens up views that we're less familiar with.

     The western side of Ogden Clough with the summit in the distance

                        The more familiar view towards Barley

                                    Along the Eastern side

     The Northern periphery with views over Clitheroe and Longridge Fell

                               Approaching the Refuge Shelter

                                          The Scout Cain

Clitheroe Cement Works, we could taste and smell the smoke as it drifted across the tops

Paragliding on the late afternoon thermals

Longridge Fell and Beacon Fell in the distance

The ground has sunk over the years leaving this wall dissecting this pond

The view looking up Ribblesdale with Ingleborough in the distance
The calls of the Curlew and the song flight of the Sky Lark all added to the walk of around 7 miles, a most enjoyable early spring day.

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  1. Lovely views. That sunken section with the rock wall dissecting the pond is quite interesting. Will you take up paragliding next? Just think of the videos you could make! :-)