Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Ultramarine Blue....Gentian Verna

Wed. 15th May 2013
                         We've arrived back this weekend after spending a few days in our motor home in middle and upper Teesdale with  Eric & Jean our friends. Eric has featured in some of my videos posted on this blog and this visit was timed to seek out the rare Alpine Gentian (Gentian Verna) which can be found in this area .
       This flower is a great draw to wild-flower enthusiasts, but because of its rare habitat it is strictly protected by law. Its intense Ultramarine Blue depth of colour always ensures that it is noticed and to find this flower growing in the wild gives us much satisfaction .
       We've videoed the walk in High Def. and later in the year I will edit it and hopefully post it on this blog without pinpointing the exact the locations.
                                      Wild upper Teesdale

                                     Eric ....full of enthusiasm




  1. Stunning photos David of a beautiful flower I have yet to see.

  2. It is terrifically blue David...hurt your eyes blue!! Fantastic.

  3. That's a stunning flower and so tiny.

  4. Wow...what an amazing little flower.