Monday, 8 April 2013

A bit of warmth this weekend

Mon. 8th April 2013
        The sun has come back for a couple of days this weekend raising the temperature to a magical 10 C.  One of my favourite alpines the Purple Saxifrage in my scree garden as finally flowered a good 3 weeks later  than all the previous years. this is an indicator that  it won't be flowering at it's best until the middle of April this year on Pen-y-ghent because of the deep snow cover,  it's going to be 4 weeks later this year, it was at it's best on the mountain on the 20th March in 2012.
   On Sunday morning 2 Siskins were on our feeders, we saw our first butterfly this year ( Small Tortoise Shell) and a Honey Bee on the Crocuses.
   This morning the east wind is back with a few light sleety snow showers and a high of 4 C.

            A flying visit up to John Williams's garden on the moor yesterday showed  very few signs of spring, in fact John was snowed in last week for 6 days until the road were cleared.

                                  Snow still in the stream channel

Still a wintry scene

The moss garden is still spreading

The same view end of  May 2010....The season has some catching up

                    The same view end of May 2010... roll on Spring


  1. Can't wait for those warm days of wildflowers and orchid spotting. I think, in the South at least, it is due to start warming up which is just as well as we start lambing this week:)

  2. I never tire of seeing photos of this garden... thank you for sharing again! Larry