Saturday, 20 October 2012

October .... nature's slowing down

Sat 20th Oct. 2012
                        It's around this time of year we always walk through Hardcastle Crags, a deep wooded valley near to the town of Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. I've walked this lovely valley for around 60 years and the Autumn colours never disappoint me, but looking back in my old diaries the colours are at their best 2 weeks later than 35 years ago, so it's going to be the first few days in Nov. again this year.

                                       Gibson Mill 

Along the sides of the valley Millstone Grit rocky outcrops make good viewing points across the valley

Sun. Oct.21st 2012
             Another beautiful Autumn day here in Lancashire. The 2 pictures are of Cromwells Bridge in the late afternoon sunshine. It earned its name after Oliver Cromwell's Parliamentary Army of 8000 men used the bridge to cross over the River Hodder on the 16th August 1648, they were on their way to Preston where they fought the Kings Army in the Battle of Preston.


  1. That's an amazing observation from your notes. Has it been a gradual change in timing? I wonder why that is with the later autumn colors.

  2. You never fail to please with all the beautiful photography of your spectacular England.... thanks once again for a few very inspiring moments spent visiting your blog... sincerely, Larry