Friday, 27 July 2012

The 3 Year Search Is Over

Friday 27th July 2012
         On the eve of the Olympic Games I've all ready triumphed this week. After searching for 3 years for the Dark Red Helleborine in suitable habits in the Yorkshire Dales I've Finally found it.
                  On a wet misty day in N.W. England whilst the rest of England was enjoying a mini heatwave, Eric, Peter, myself and my wife searched the  limestone area  known as Heslington Barrow  west of Kendal. On the limestone screes and always near to Larch Trees we found several plants not in their best condition owing to the 3 days of continuous rain that had fallen in the area.
       Eric and Jean found the seeded flower spikes in the same area at the end of August last year so we knew where to look, it was a case of of being at the right location at the time of flowering.

                         Along the edge of Heslington Barrow

                            More shots for my orchid video diary

This is about the best shots we can obtain in difficult low light conditions

               Not the most comfortable ground conditions to lay on

                           More flower spikes in the Larch Wood

              The Dark Red Helleborines growing amongst Wood Sorrel


  1. wow, that is a beautiful plant:)

  2. Perseverance pays off! Great find, David. :-)

  3. Congratulations! I do so enjoy your enthusiasm and knowledge... Larry