Saturday, 10 December 2011

Wintry scene from Lancashire

Sat. 10th Dec. 2011
                        This week has seen the first light snow of the winter, I've been away for a few days down to my daughter and family in Warwickshire where the weather is always kinder and sunnier so this is the first opportunity if had to get out for a few minutes.

                        The wintry scene at the back of our house

Always dominant.... Pendle Hill  famous because of the Lancashire Witches 400 yrs.ago

Back home in my back garden my garden ponds take on a wintry look, I love to compare the same scenes in late June where all the wild flowers have naturalised around the pond.

                    Still a bit of seasonal colour in the garden

This poinsettia is certainly no prize winner but I have nurtured it through 3 summers and now its rewarding me with its 4th Christmas display.


  1. Great stuff Dave, summer garden is looking really good.
    Cheers colin.

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