Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Lack of Colour

 Monday 1st Nov. 2011
           One thing that has struck me over the last couple of weeks is the lack of autumn colour in our area , it would seem that excessive windy weather last month and unsuitable weather conditions has left our local countryside rather drab compared to some of our previous autumns.
           We did our usual Sunday walk with our friends down in the Ribble Valley specifically for the autumn show but this year ...nothing, I just got my camera out for one shot on this ridge when the light was fading

Today whilst searching for Salmon and Sea trout down a tributary of the Ribble  the only autumn scene that caught my eye was this beech tree catching the sun against the darker background of Pendle Hill.

 On Saturday just over the Pennines in west Yorkshire  John Williams has abandoned  is beautiful garden on the moor until next spring , in the moorland misty drizzle it has a soothing affect has it shuts down for winter.


                       and finally what it will look like in the spring


  1. I do so admire the wonderful pictures you post... I have this daydream of visiting your country some day and I soak in all the pictures of the architecture and countryside that I can find... it's my favorite part of watching British mysteries on TV! Larry