Monday, 17 October 2011

Our secret is out

 Saturday 15th Oct. 2011
          It's more than 50 years since I began my Autumn visits to Stainforth Force to see the yearly salmon run as they move up river to the headwaters around Ribble Head.  It's here where the River Ribble tumbles down over 3 waterfalls into the Stainforth Foss, a  pool about 30ft deep. This has always been a popular place to see the salmon and it's always been known locally but this year on the BBC's popular "Autumn Watch" programme website it gave information as to where salmon could be seen (in your area) and it named Stainforth Force, so instead of the usual few people watching, on one count I counted over 60 people at the side of the falls all enjoying this annual event.
      This year we took 2 of our grandsons to watch the salmon jumping and they really enjoyed it, perhaps more than we did, because we were conscious of the constant danger of them falling into the water because they never stayed still.

                    One of the many photographers enjoying the day


  1. Your grandchildren will remember that always! The photos of the salmon jumping were great to see.

  2. What a lovely thing to take your grandchildren to see. Amazing that so many other people also came to watch...if that was my local patch I'm not sure how I would have felt about that.

  3. Wonderful treat for your grandchildren, and you too! I am happy I found your blog because I enjoyed it too!

  4. Wow David... 50 years of watching Salmon Leaping at this location – Congratulations must be in order here! I wonder how many have passed in that time. Have you seen any difference in numbers (up or down) over the years?

    Ah... the numbers of visitors must have been a surprise. I guess there was quite a buzz about the river bank this time. Great that you took your grandchildren. I can understand the nervousness with children… and my daughter is 18!

    I missed this posting until last night as I was trying to get past blogger gremlins to complete mine. I too witnessed a buzz at another salmon leaping spot. It wasn’t until I read your post I realised that Autumnwatch had mentioned my location too. Lol… by that time I had written my post. Ah well… I added a link to you :-D