Thursday, 8 September 2011

Burnley Town Centre Fish Passes

Sept. 8th 2011
           Our frustrating wet weather (heavy drizzly overcast days) typical Lancashire weather is now into its 4th day and all work on the new fish pass has been stopped because of the volume of water.

 By the time theses fish passes are completed (early October) I hope to be walking along the many upland streams in our river system to see how many Sea trout and Salmon ascend to these newly opened potential spawning grounds. I have no high hopes as it will take several years before we see them in any numbers on these new spawning beds. 


  1. Hi David...looking at the pictures, I wonder how the digger got to where it is? Is it perhaps not so deep and steep just out of shot?

  2. Hi Helen.
    The digger was lowered into the river from a banking just below the bridge where the photos are taken from by a large crane which which lifted it off a low loader. The digger gained access to the site by driving up the river bed under the road bridge to its present position. The river bed down stream is quite shallow when the river is running at normal level normal.