Saturday, 8 May 2010

A Lancashire Bluebell wood

Sat. 8th May 2010
  Yesterday was bright but breezy and after the election media fatigue it was a breath of fresh air to get out and walk into our countryside down in the Ribble and Hodder valley around the confluence of the two rivers.This is beautiful and relatively unspoilt countryside and at this time of year it holds a real gem....... its magnificent bluebell woods.On yesterdays walk we timed it perfectly they were just coming up to their best, they still had that deeper blue colour which tends to fade when the bluebells are starting to go over.One thing the pictures cannot portray is the lovely delicate scent which wafts through the woods down wind from the bluebells.Through the next couple of weeks we are blest with one of the most envied floral displays on earth and long may it continue.

                     Through the May Flowers in the Ribble Valley

                       Cromwell's Bridge over the River Hodder
                 A solitary Early Purple Orchid growing on a farm lane



  1. You've captured the colours really well - how beautiful these woods are. Why isn't everyone out there gushing over them?

  2. Hi Peter
    your photos are fantastic. Bluebell are my favourite wildflowers to spot. Have you got a good reference so I can find these woods


  3. How fantastic are those Bluebells! I was brought up in Scotland and the Harebell is our Bluebell. We called Bluebells, English Bluebells..... does any of that make sense?! :O)
    Gorgeous photos!

  4. Wow! Bluebell woods are amazing. Unspoilt is right. They put my sky lupine to shame. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I hope you don't mind, but I linked to this post on twitter. I think we all need to cherish our ancient woods.

  6. Living far from my beautiful Lancashire, I found this site a great heart warmer and thank you for posting it.
    A great and good work.

  7. Saw your beautiful bluebell photo's on the net (Ribble and Hodder Valley). How do I get there?