Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Still a wintry scene

Wed 23rd Dec 09.
                  The cold weather continues. It's been a busy couple of days looking after two of our grand children, building a snowman, recording the weather on the camera, sledging, general feeding the birds in our garden and doing the last minute Christmas shopping.

The Pheasant comes early every morning and waits outside the door to be fed. Here are just a few  seasonable photos of our area as we run up to Christmas.      

Pendle Hill

          Wishing everybody a very Happy Christmas    


  1. Lovely photos dad, We cant wait to come up. Very very frosty and icy down here. Just finishing getting all the stuff ready to bring up. We will be very careful driving up.

    What a lovely photo of Joseph and Daniel
    See you Boxing Day. Love Julie x

  2. Great photos as usual David, I do enjoy a read of your blog.