Monday, 10 August 2009

Wild Upper Teesdale

Bird's- Eye Primrose

Some closeup shots for the video
Monday 10 Aug.09.
It's been cloudy and damp today so I thought I would look back at one of the outings I made in May (Friday the 8th to be precise.) to Upper Teesdale.It was a special visit hopefully timed to see the Spring Gentians in flower.(Gentian Verna).This is wild high country and the only place in England to see the Spring Gentian growing.
After a cold, wet, windy unpromising start to the day the sun came out and opened up all the flowers.
I include a small selection of our great day out.
The 4 people taking part on the walk were Eric ,Peter(Erics Pal),Audrey and Myself.

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